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armajara our Prince Ghazi bin Talal of Jordan in the task of relating in Jerusalem Al-Aqsa Mosque and the third holiest site, but not in the science of everyone to grandfather the Prince Jordanian Hashemite was honest to Mecca days ottoman Empire
   damned, and the Hashemites always, even before Islam 
are the servants of the Kaaba and her mother in law, belongs to the same counterfoil king Mohammed VI , and money before Sharif and Amir Amoumnin only out of respect for their status and Hzutem and lineage  
-Sharif to the prophet Mohammed  The Turks, who ruled most of the country’s Islamic ignorance and lack of Hzgahm of the Arabic language not courageous and francly day shift ratios Hashemi rule of Mecca, But what happened to  Istanbul descripted They great and described by the Book of Western men patient, so imposed colonial empires Tarichiz withdrawal from the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq and Syria, while faded armies Janissaries behind the mountains Nadol to heal the wounds Almtkhna washed  sources the Tigris and Euphrates, leaving Mazubutamaa all of Englishmen and two French They changed a lot of area attractions accomplices including the created room for doubt with the nobility and honorable and tribal elders, local areas Bedouin non-civilized. 
, and when they came to Mecca and found As mentioned strain Hashemites extend its influence and dominate the rituals of Hajj and pathways pilgrimage and trade pilgrimage, while there was a  Wahhabi movement  was born of Juristic famous, a Hanbali Ahmad ibn Hanbal hardline did not know about craftsmanship diligence and creativity and innovation by virtue of its spread and its presence in a desert Bedouin simple and spontaneous, leaving them confined to interpretations of conversations prophetic was valid for its time but disrupted then the power of evolution and Artemt in Lake tradition and passion and the Wahhabi movement was the cause of the birth of the State of wahabi of saudi arabia extended its influence over a lot of the dust of the Arabian Peninsula will never forget the contribution of the discovery of oil in the same spot and need discoverers of security Mdamin new force even become the situation on the screen today, but as they say every rule of a tyrant and the overwhelming need of the legitimacy backed by the McCann missing the new rulers, making them Astaznon their masters to enter Mecca and Medina, and thus benefit from the love of Muslims on the face of the earth, which it was not accessible nor easy, but with the support Englishmen who Ohawwa to the rulers of Mecca legitimate “Hashemite family” that they Singulwnhm for a spot of land larger than Mecca and Medina, and give them the land vast, while maintaining the status of spiritual and so appointed Sharif   king abdullah I hashmi‏ Sham Oalerdn and made ​​Jerusalem as part of  

his rule and appointed king Faisal I of Iraq and made ​​Najaf Sharif part of his reign, while left Mecca and Medina, to the surprise of the grant of the Wahabists and their allies from the al-Saud without having the right to give them the title of the Sharif of Mecca for two reasons: 
– by virtue of ideological Wahhabi extremist and does not recognize honor and Mr. and noble and considers it a snare 
-. Al Saud on their own were not descended from breeds Hashemite but only were guards of the pilgrim routes and navigate between the parties to the desert. 
, but zero hour rang for his group of young ultra-Wahhabi at the height of the control rule revolution Khomeini on different parts of Islam This group  MOSLEMS WHO WERE HELD IN HIJACKING FLY TO MECCA 
 and forced the ruling authorities of emergency troop French private to save the situation and shed much blood on the ground and returned the issue of legitimacy arises from the new Mecca and Medina in the presence of two reasons mentioned above, and here I am reminded For possibility complaint King Fahd Saudi أناته in front of his friend, faithful and loyal Hashemi, in turn, namely Hassan II of Morocco, who smiled lenient attitude embarrassment King Fahd, describing server of the Two Holy Mosques, to be the first to launch this description on the Saudi kings is the late Hassan II, and so found their solution to the problem of legitimacy. 
, but what happened For Sharif Jerusalem King Hussein have passed by Israel and Belatha and pushed Jordanian forces of the east of the River Jordan while in Iraq elapsed forces Nuri Alang to his father and pushed Sharif Najaf Sharif to the country of exile European to disappear  

forever from the list of honor and supervision of the holy shrines. 
always echo the words of honor and legitimacy to Inal them wiliness history, they are honest and the rulers of Mecca and Medina, Jerusalem and  Najaf Sharif before and after Islam they breed Bani Hashim and Bani Abdul Muttalib, God bless them and followed them in truth until the Day of Judgment.

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