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I was Born  in Tangier where famous and celibrities authors,writers,journalists as Mohammed Choukri(Le pain nu),Paul Bowles(Tea in Sahara),Paulo Coleho(Nobel Prize),Taher Benjelloun( bonheur conjugal),Walter Haris(correspendant of Times)…others  spent a lot years of thiere life – Morocco.
My ambition to writ on:The New Yorke (USA), Der Spiegel (Germany)
,EL PAÍS:(Spain), Libération (France),La Stampa (Italy),Vogue(USA).
I propose my first article on magazines and newspapers bellow above:

When Mohammed Choukri and Paul Bowles wrote in THE NEW YORKER magazine

second ambition:I hope some radios station around the world as BBC arabic,American
voice(USA)radio monte carlo(France) invited me to read news for two months at least

My photos:



Journalist& Author

Links Of My articles:


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