Yes Princess Lalla Meryem of MoroccoNo to South African zuma / / Political Events

Yes Princess Lalla Meryem of Morocco No to South African zuma / / Political Events

By: : Mohammed Zaidi kalamoukoum in August 26, 2012 
Why Princess Lalla Meryem sister of King Mohammed VI, as Secretary-General of the      African Union rather than South African الزوما?
Descended from King’s famous Hassan II, it is also big sister to the young King Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, and Kaaloah are dishonest extends its lineage to the Prophet Muhammad , which are creating high-affable morals, good azimuth, speak politely and listen carefully, and if you look at her face cream, no doubt realize features Mohammed VAfrican’s Father and its editor, and how she gave birth to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, men and women tall mountains, but Africa sunken in malnutrition and civil wars, malaria an

d religious extremism and tear ethnic Olhaha search for leaders real Frasaaha mostly steeped in corruption and bribery and the destruction of wealth of their people, so we as Africans Nnat adolescence political and lack of wisdom and foresight, and all our conferences just trips for a walk and buy gifts for relatives, and appearing in front of photographers Bnaashin victories fictitious, or clothing from skins tiger snakes, carrying in their hands صولجانات pagan, and became mob Africa Igdqon on them, princes and kings of Africa even ridiculed us lower and satiated laughing and chuckling and mockery, Vvqdna respect and lost our issues because we frankly plagued hated rulers of the world. 

This الزوما of South Africa:
I will not go into the details of anti-South Africa to Morocco, and of course support it, by colonial powers malevolent turn on an African country tradition, namely the Kingdom of Morocco, and believes South Africa emerging from system   Apartheid , it can solve a lot of problems Africa Prusidha moral magic this but hard, Even Logan Zaintricks other African leaders of straw and with legitimacies fragile, Morocco has the power of unmatched and balance great moral and this Matdrickh South Africa itself, that Morocco is forced to remove all his papers, no longer time allows policy empty chair and diplomatic Aldroushh and delivery fait accompli. 
Realized a lot of observers force size Morocco spiritual and moral in Africa and by introducing a simple question by booster television   Majda El Yahyaoui the singer and vocalist spiritual heritage Thami Al-Harraand spoke simplicity of his African tour, especially in South Africa and what befell in Cape Town and Johannesburg hospitality unrivaled and how responded with the people of Hadera and science Alldni in that country Alnaúahorbma stated that he received reception kings and emperors to mention kissing the hand and show bends, but scissors second channel as usual omitted his statement, and left truncated, and which should be noted by the fact that infectious same program taught  Spiritual (music in Indonesia enhanced Moroccan and Moroccan crew but amusing and Milih Thami Al-Harrak, that’s for sure he did not mention that he was in South Africa travels in a limousine and are fully aware of how embarrassing it is to transfer a foreign guest in this type of car in the country affiliated with the Democratic camp as South Africa.

So there Altejaon Africans, and even manipulated some African countries [that Morocco    is not country of The Tariqa Tijaniyy and origin but documentation Alavrgi supported arguments for to give Morocco and Fez i particular allegiance and loyalty and this fixed historically and what he did Mansour Addahbi and Moulay Ismail upper evidence that Africa is a strategic depth to Morocco and promoted him now is not true Africa than we are of them, hence the idea of ​​my article, which will be followed in the African Unions secretary was behooves Africans Liberals to put in the top leadership noble beloved Princess Lalla Meryem. 
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Mohammed Zaidi is Journalist&author of Novel:RED SHARK

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  1. med99 says:

    Too happy to share with my anglosaxon friends special in Africa , of course I am african

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