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Everybody Comes to Dean’ s Bar,Tangier

foto prise par:kalamoukoum mohammed zaidi Tanger Morocco
I find myself alone in Dean’s Bar,perhaps for the last time,sitting at a table in the dimly lit back room on a mid-September evening in 1999. I am in Tangier to visit Paul Bowles and pay my respects,not certain I shall ever see him again.I may also be paying my final respects to Dean’s.
As you enter through a plastic string curtain,the original bar of dark staind wood is in your right .Behind the bar are black and white signed photographs of Humphrey Bogart,Ernest Hemingway , and one of Dean with Errol Flyen.
Dean’s is one of the world’s fabled boheman watring holes,which in its heyday was a magnet for the rich and famous who slipped in and out of Tangier.
Dean’s was to Tangier what Harry’s Bar was to Paris in the 1920s when artists and writers like F.Scott Fitzgerald,George Gershwin,Sinclair Lewis, Marlene Dietrich and Ernest Heminway gathered to drink and socialize there:a little piece of home.
Francis Poole: Everybody comes to Dean’s Bar, Tangier: an Essay..from book Tangier at the Crossroads page:71.
about pictures of Tangier see link:http://www.flickr.com/photos/61461457@N02/
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kalamoukoum kalamoukoum kalamoukoum kalamoukoum kalamoukoum
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كالاموكوم kalamoukoum http://viadeo.com/s/zMmJq a forgot corner in Tangier
كالاموكوم kalamoukoum: http://bit.ly/IDRjWh Everybody Comes to Dean’s Bar,Tangier // Culture&Life

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