When Mohammed Choukri and Paul Bowles wrote in THE NEW YORKER magazine //leterature and art


When Mohammed Choukri and Paul Bowles wrote in THE NEW YORKER magazine //leterature and art

When Mohammed Choukri and Paul Bowles wrote in the New yorker //leterature and art

September 6, 2011When he wrote Mohamed Choukri and Paul Bowles in the Journal of THE NEW YORKER / / Literature and Journalism Tangier Kabarcanoa write a book in the American Journal THE NEW YORLER Mohamed Choukri and Paul Polzketba in THE NEW YORKER magazineBy
Muhammad al-Zaidi kalamoukoum Tangier | 6, September | 2011 The Tangier City dreamy, filled with every religion and sect, frequented by men thirst, to see their dreams become a reality, before turning Alzakari, from Mdshr new neighborhood, and climb to the village of Nuinosh was Almmsuch, sleeps in the bosom of American elderly, settled recently Bhomh House gunpowder, and called Barbara, because she married in Los Angeles, discovered that she married was nothing but a drunken Erbeida, home to every day at the prime of dawn, he can not say a word eats, that the basics of love, used to and tired already, when it rises at noon, and proceed with the repetition of the cylinder: I will not go back Iabrberta to play Cups, “no longer afford Hveana,” the woman is addicted to reading the American Journal of start-ups The New Yorker, read it regularly, especially stories and articles, Paul Bowles, which was translated by the clerk of eccentric Mohamed Choukri, and in Sometimes quoting Mgmorakhr writer, Mohammed Mrabet and he was not educated but had to dictate his stories and tales Baldarjh of Morocco, of course, all the atmosphere of storytelling is central ritual of smoking cannabis, inappropriate, Antjb to mention the first of this author was called a novel Mahch. As Barbara were not woman-traditional, wash dishes, and buy the catering kitchen at the grocery, the feelings inside, was alerting that her husband has become impotent as a result of a hard-drinking, and the imagination mixed with lies words and exaggeration, and even the grotesque, by the American JournalThe New Yorker and through the book three Mohamed Choukri and Paul Bowles, Mohammed Mrabet tackles the imagination as the decided intention to come to Morocco, and settle in the city of Tangier in particular, it is unbelievable Miketbouna, especially a novel male Siamese, this man who did not Syamia, but only that there has urethra multiplier Bthagben , this patchwork of women in the West are looking forward to it, and decided to visit Tangier for Many of its discovery, is not ratified, of course, but finally decided to come to Tangier and live, and it really happened.
Ashq to a woman to blend in underwear: Such was, middle-aged, Harsha eyes, round Alnsgein, have you come back if and thinking. Vibrating vibration, Vljh in the teeth, black hair ploy eyes, cheeks Tfahih, Hamdi said about the veil: It is highly flammable Albotan as a gas, the excess of beauty and beauty and splendor. But her secret of eternal that smell from under her skirt, the smell of No only when the Negro, which is unrelated to Abalzenj not their country, they are from the north of Morocco and more than that of static centuries the mountains, clear skin too white, there is the story says “Maybe assets genetic formative back for a period of al-Mansur as he opened the country of Sudan, and a Granny this girl may have been fuck Negro there, and she became pregnant he refused to wait until the bear when he was born of Dhadjaha pregnancy born and after due to Marrakech, this interpretation is only one of the dozens of interpretations “and short, that the owner The boyfriend (Alborma) as they were called in the city was the smell Trogah say to his friends: “For Aagd logical explanation for that, despite the dizziness and light that ‘I am due to inhaled, but I after a little while until I feel Bahbura has returned to more than ever, is the life for him Kaxeir “

Barbara in love with what is long: The acquired exclusively with (Omrah) and called Riaz Sheikh, it seemed some of the parasites they find out the tendencies sex erotic, women are making an American Hollywood purely, and die in the men do not regularly as mummified, but as machines peasant, is doing very well in agricultural land forgotten, Fbmejr stability in the city of Ibn Battuta until I started to listen to the tales of breeding, and to receive questions on Goatien interested in details and minutes of things, and the strangest thing told her that a man had a long beard and very long, so that it was costing the earth, and men as well as for his beard was brilliant in Arabic grammar and is considered a reference for Aishq his dust in this science, even Buzz Sibawayh one of the founders of this science in the world of the Arabs, and all the jokes Chaa him that when he slept at night, he put his long beard in a bag and closes by a thread, so to Ataatloy on my breasts with his wife or nipple of her nipples Vtqtaha, but in One night arrived by fatigue than, and quarreled with his wife, who slept in an adjacent room, and when it sank in a deep sleep I read out the beard on Ahalilh Vqtath pieces, and became a pee through the hole, after he offered himself for hospitalization for a long time, however, did not shave his beard, but left on the expansive mood even Leicester himself in the bathroom by the collective Arab Sheikh lamented Barbara and was a bearded, but praised the loyalty of his beard despite the treachery of its time. The Barbara insists on Qassaseen that Athvoha stories transmitted from the middle peasant, they are stories devoid of artificiality and affectation, and did not undergo after what you know cities of heresies, Venkah peasants is Kinkah Dwabhm and livestock, powerful, and quarterly norm of donkeys and horses, and play it smells a prominent role, as well as plants and clover, which Iltqtonh of land, often Maicon irritant sexually, and tells her Almmsuch who became slept with her in her bed it worked before it enters the city of Tangier in the forties, a keeper of sheep and goats in Mdshrh Bmlosh, coincided with a sponsor Xepth in the wild, three soldiers Spaniards of a brigade Altricio mobile and that they are on guard duty in the trench of the trench dug to sleep in a tent in rotation, and when the delayed their count e Supply assigned someone to go to a nearby market, but far away, no longer yet, and feared soldiers remaining two that sent another may suffer from left guard next to the tent to attack the smugglers and contraband, who are fleeing whiskey from Ceuta to Tangier, so he asked the soldiers of the shepherd Mayorma a little bread and provisions even Aimuta from hunger and returned their friend something will Aawwadana, but he declined to meet the request claiming that nodulocystic on the surplus and does not have workers enough, and is ready to give them Miredan provided Nkhama, Vqubla on immediately, and each one-fourth Mazhudahma baking beads with black olives. I laughed until Barbara lay on her back, and it seemed hair from under her skirt as the haymaker without turn

 .The New Yorker magazine: THE NEW YORKER In the sixties of last century was not writer Mohamed Choukri, only teachers in the school one of the districts of the town of Tangier marginalized (Kasabarata), and before becoming a writer well-known was a close friend, Paul Bowles American writer likes to penetrate the horizons, and within the volcano of adventure unrelenting, brought them together in Beginning bar Alpejanoalshahyrh on Cup cognac, before turning the bar the day after closing its doors to Mqrellathad Moroccan filling one Antrzaat trade union branch trade union in the city of Tangier, and then become meet regularly in a bar N’tc Parovi Cafe Sentral, I’ve been playing Alstito a prominent role in pulling the Wethaq their relationship, before they split up and become each one write to publishing house known international, the magazine The New Yorker was well known in the Abanha, Victabadtha was a rebel and non-Orthodox, avant-garde as it was like for many be called, and were distributed widely, even outside New York City launch,were not Tbzha only magazine is another life to Live, the latter put into her eyes layer emerging in America hate the war and would like to make the most of the inventions the U.S. entertainment and elegant, while The New Yorker began to open the rooms to edit a book of the level of Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams and Burkz and this urine Bulls, who has been immersed in the writing of intoxication hate tradition and all what is mummified, so went to his part, both of Mohamed Choukri, Mohammed Mrabet At times Polaich Mohammed, who in fact was not informed of the calamities which the above-mentioned book Ibloh

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