Minimum Arabs … thrones crumble and other resist .. / / political events
King Abdullah, in spite of his age in the age .. and he stopped Rqsth usual in Janadriyah sword waving .. and because he is recently in one of his knees .. recovered them now, but is found in the meeting instead of poems, praise and blessing found voices of protesters and pro-people want to change the system it is true that DS in their pockets billions of dollars in green, but their status remained black .. Fbalzaran Mat of thousands of Shiites to languish despite that the region of Dhahran, is the richest Babaralnaft .. but the policy of discrimination .. so that they remain a social suffering for political and religious reasons is understandable .. maybe for fear of the Saudi regime of loyaltySyndicate and their desire to establish the mandate of the jurist is true that the Saudi king is surrounded by a group of religious extremists, who have interpreted Badawi Ogelov and interpretation is steeped in the traditions and myths of ignorance of the Koran .. quickly rushed the prohibition on heresy protest and demonstrations, and call Bafoithm Bedouin religious alleged that it is haram … and the fact that Gore ruling invincible people .. they wanted to make their voice heard … but they could not .. that the system of Saudi Arabia is not a suspect in that one of the most conservative regimes in the region .. and pockets of resistance to change by the strong Maiattiyh .. However, the momentum to keep the situation static support is Western House of Saud in the forefront of America .. Madamin note that America has developed a plan to occupy Saudi Arabia since the seventies of the last century and are ready to protect the oil resources of the spectrum in the case of what if it came last in any danger.

Jerusalem bombing did not realize many of the secret bombing of Jerusalem in what Israel claims as its eternal capital … and the fact that it lands usurped by the Jewish religion so that Atjiz prayer in the land usurped that the state of hysteria that pervaded the place that the woman Alanfjarany Lekhal composite nuclear explosion … and this Maevsr that static occupied the territory of Jerusalem not feel it in her house .. and exit Netnyaholluad and intimidation and threats was not hurt in this time his goal .. what appeared to be a preoccupation of Arab internal situation and the thirst of the demonstrators for freedom and Western-style democracy was not granted in some spots the Arab … Once the protests began in Syria, as we know, you go inside the box, Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria .. until I started machine disengagement between the Arabs and democracy disintegrate .. Although Netanyahu denounced the promised thunder and butter … but that one did not believe him this time .. . There are those who saw in the explosion of Jerusalem as the beginning of Arab reaction to the Campaign Bank and the enthusiastic media coverage of war .. because of conviction of many Arabs that the West is a liar .. and not telling the truth … Did not Hamas democracy, but what has been going it now .. many fear Western campaign to be enthusiastic, but what sort of clash of civilizations.
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